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Innoveyance is formed when C&M Conveyor and Ohio Blow Pipe combine under the Innoveyance name. C&M Conveyor develops a mesh transfer conveyor that provides transfer of material in three directions using a stable platform with ball belt mesh conveyor, continuing to push innovative product development and increased productivity.


C&M Conveyor has a new laser implemented in the Mitchell, Indiana facility to increase throughput, improve efficiencies and enhance quality.

Single-Source Conveyance Solutions

C&M Conveyor acquires Ohio Blow Pipe to become a single-source conveyance solution for industry from product and material and waste conveyance to air-quality management.

Core Monster

Ohio Blow Pipe develops the Core Monster paper core shredder for the paper and packaging industries. Ohio Blow Pipe is awarded patents on its Mist-Clone® and Slurry-Tech® product lines.


C&M Conveyor introduces its innovative bundle conveyer with modular ball belt to give box plants the ability to side-shift, right-angle transfer in one or two directions, rotate and load build—all on a smaller footprint. C&M Conveyor introduces its patent-protected mesh ball rotation conveyor that provides a rollerless surface to rotate…Read More


C&M Conveyor completes renovation and expansion of a manufacturing plant in Mitchell, Indiana, facilitating efficient workflows and increasing production capacity. C&M Conveyor introduces its fully automated desheeter that automatically removes the bottom sheet from customer orders that do not require a bottom sheet.


C&M Conveyor introduces its fully automated pallet dispensing solution, dispensing single pallets from a stack, handling both wooden and plastic pallets of varying sizes and designs.

New Patents

In response to the adoption of new vacuum-transfer systems, Ohio Blow Pipe develops its patented Mist-Clone® and Slurry-Tech® products to combat dust contamination issues.

Systems Update

C&M Conveyor completes major systems and process improvement initiatives, incorporating cellular manufacturing techniques and lean thinking programs. Ohio Blow Pipe develops the pit-belt system that marries a continuous overhead belt with a pneumatic air system to create energy efficiencies for customers. Ohio Blow Pipe designs, engineers and manufactures its ROTOVEYOR…Read More

36,000 sq ft.

C&M Conveyor completes the acquisition of Automated Systems Technologies, Inc., diversifying C&M’s product offering to the corrugated market and expanding the Company’s presence in the folding carton and commercial printing industries. Manufacturing capacity is expanded by 36,000 square feet.