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Dust Collection Systems

Innoveyance offers multiple systems for dust collection issues:

  • Our CLEANAIR line of dust collectors offers the corrugated and folding carton industries the highest efficiency, energy characteristics and operating economies available. Cartridges can filter air to meet OSHA and EPA minimum indoor air quality standards.
  • Dust contamination is a big issue within the packaging industry. Innoveyance offers a cost-effective solution with its stainless-steel Mist-Clone® Wet Dust Filtration system. We accomplish this by applying proven technology used in other industries to filter paper dust effectively and economically while being NFPA compliant.
  • Our AIRSCREEN® Micro is a perfect solution where source capture of dust is not practical or working, such as converting equipment, baler or shredder. It captures airborne sub-micron dust particles that impact human health and wellness and keeps fine explosive dust particles from settling on surfaces. In areas with higher concentrations of employees, the AIRSCREEN® Micro can be used to remove viruses from the air for the overall health and safety of the employees.
  • System components including ductwork, switch valves, material handling fans, airveyors, touch screen controls, balers, shredders and dust briquetters.