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Core Monster

The Core Monster eliminates material handling, disposal, freight and shredder repair costs currently associated with processing cores while allowing you to reclaim the shredded core material. The Core Monster turns a cost center into a profit generator with a quick return on your investment. And it comes with a spare cutter head to ensure the Core Monster reliably devours cores each and every day.

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This low-maintenance, high-output core shredder is able to process 110-inch paper cores in less than seven seconds and easily integrates into your existing plant wide scrap system. With its small footprint, it can be used as a stand-alone system, or it can be integrated into an existing shredder system by utilizing the shredder system fan with a diverting valve.

Unleash the Core Monster on your production facility and tame your core disposal costs.

Made in the U.S.A.


Helical Cutter Blade
  • Used for high-speed sheer cut to reduce dust and HP, due to single-point cutting point
  • Easily removable cutter for refurbish and inspection
  • Spare head provided for no downtime
Patent (Pending) Core Crushing Infeed
  • Roller system with two 5 HP drive motors with reversing jog function to spit out overfeed
  • Powerful 30 HP Cutting Motor
Integral Go/No Go Gauge Easily shreds a 1/4-inch wall 4-inch core with 1/2 inch of paper Safety
  • High-power motor-safety lockout on control panel
  • State-of-the-art safety solenoid locking lock
  • Lockout procedures and lockout tabs
  • Visible infeed chute
  • Guarded for safety
Easy Maintenance
  • Easy bearing maintenance
  • Easy access panels to drive belts and chains
Vibration Dampening Feet Return on Investment Turn waste core into reusable material Reduce wear-and-tear on existing in-plant shredders Made in the U.S.A.


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