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Turntable (TT) – Ring & Cross Arm Design

This device is used to rotate loads in continuous 90-degree increments to change load orientation. The unit is pneumatically raised and lowered with “soft start” variable speed rotational drive to maintain load integrity.

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The device includes photocell actuated positioning controls to automatically position the load over the Turntable. This unit is a modular self-contained device, which is an integral part of a Power Live Roller (PLR) Conveyor, allowing it to be easily installed into a new or existing plant layout. The turntable device is available in two designs.


Ring & Cross Arm Design: Device has a Rotating Ring and Cross-Arm assembly which is mounted on an air actuated lift to provide 90-degree rotation of loads without changing direction of flow. This device is typically utilized in a strapper area and requires loads to be centered across the width of the conveyor to operate properly. Device Length: 10′ long minimum. Device can feature a cantilever with Chain-Assist Rollers to insure complete conveyance of product through a 1-Head Strapping operation (if applicable) without any “dead rollers” beneath the strapper. Conveyor Drives: Dual belt conveyor drives with speeds ranging from 30 to 80 fpm. Turntable Drive: Rotates the Turntable Ring in continuous 90-degree increments. Variable Frequency Drive is provided for controlled acceleration and deceleration. Turntable Ring: 65” outside diameter constructed of 2” x 2” Structural Angle which is supported at all times at six (6) 2” flanged Roller Supports. Sideframe: 5” x 6.7# Structural Channel with 1/4” x 2-1/2” “Drop-In” Roller Support Bar. All rollers are 2-1/2” diameter with 5/8″ or 11/16” hex shafts with sealed grease packed and shielded bearing. Unit can feature Knurled Rollers to aid in the conveyance of pallets (if applicable). Preassembly: Unit is wired and (if applicable) plumbed to a junction box at the factory. OEM units can be prewired to the control panel. Conveyor Height: 12” TOR minimum with Leg and Device Extensions available for other heights. Capacity: 5,000 lbs. maximum.


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