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Pull Dolly Track Systems

Our Pull Dolly Track Systems can be found in corrugated box plants around the country. The track and roll dolly combination provide an efficient, safe and affordable way to automate the process of moving rolls into and out from your corrugator. The track system is designed to move rolls weighing up to 12,000 lbs. at a rate of 20-60ft/min using a hydraulic, electric or pneumatic drive package. The structural steel frame is installed flush floor with the roll dolly cart measuring just 1″ above the floor.



In combination, the track and dolly move the roll to and from the unwind chucks. With the options of “Hold to Operate” or automatic controls, the roll is sent to the chucking area centerline or to any part along the track length without the operator having to physically handle the roll. With the Innoveyance-designed “Cross-Over” concept, a Butt Roll or partially run roll can be discharged out of the gear or operator side of the corrugator at the same time a full roll is being loaded. This concept uses two dollies operating independently along the same stretch of track. There are many applications available using the two dolly “Cross-Over” concept with a full line of accessories to help lift, load, kick, push, catch and rotate the roll.


  • Automated corrugator roll loading/unloading
  • Eliminates manual handling
  • Two dolly cross-over system provides loading and simultaneous butt roll removal
  • Enhances safety
  • Custom designed applications
  • Full line of accessories to meet production demands
  • Simple “Hold to Operate” or automatic controls
  • Linear speed options available to meet plant safety requirements
  • Cable or chain drive tether
  • Structural steel frame construction
  • Ships assembled and tested


  • Foot print 15″ x up to 55′ long
  • Flush floor
  • Linear speed 20-60 ft./min.
  • Hydraulic, electric or pneumatic drive package
  • Control voltage 24V DC or 120V AC
  • Voltage 190/380V, 230/460V, 575
  • Roll load capacity up to 12,000 lbs.
  • Roll size 18″ to 84″ diameter up to 112″ wide

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