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Mesh-Top Belt Safety Operator Crossing System

Standard (fixed)
This system allows for safe and effective egress across conveyor systems in a facility and consists of a plastic mesh belt conveyor with two operator stations, one on each side. As you approach, you push a button on the operator station and the display turns green and safe for you to cross. On the other side, you push a button or the display automatically times out and display goes to yellow and then red. Provides a safe, level, stable platform, with stairs to step up on one side and down on the other side.

Hydraulic lift (drop down)
This variation has a dual purpose for safety and maintenance access. Utilizing two pendant stations, the system is activated when the operator presses a button and display goes to green. Then a hydraulic lift brings the plastic mesh belt conveyor to floor height allowing for pedestrian and heavy lift traffic for anything from tooling to maintenance activities. The crossing system can accommodate up to 18,000 lbs. for fork lift access. This system is usually supplied as part of a larger conveyor system.

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