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Mesh Belt Powered Fork Entry

This unit allows a fork truck operator to deliver loads to or pick up loads from a power conveyor while maintaining load integrity. These stations also can be utilized when loads are delivered by pallet-sleeve forks.



This is a modular, self-contained Fork Truck Entry Station with three (3) strands of Powered Mesh-Top Belt, pendant-switch activated Jog Forward controls, allowing easy installation into a new or existing plant layout. The standard unit is 8′ long with a 13” wide center strand. The over-all width and widths of the two (2) outside strands is 63” wide.

Standard Sleeve Stations are designed for a typical 9” wide by 6” high x 5′ long pallet sleeve that is utilized for load retrieval and delivery.

Individual Electrical Control Panels are provided for existing installations.

The Sleeve Station includes Non-Power Roller Ramps at the end of the void to assist narrow sheets transitioning onto the conveyor downstream.

Drive: 1 hp totally enclosed industrial rated gear-motor with reversing capability. Drive package located within and under the device.


Optional Features: A Positive Run Photo-eye can be included on the downstream end of the center strand. An Overhead Pendant-switch can also be provided for jog forward and reverse control. One end of the base plate can include a 90-degree angle to be embedded into the floor (requires saw cut or trench by customer). The 3” x 3” angle will be field-welded to the base plate at the time of installation. Speed: 45 or 60 fpm Preassembly: Unit is wired at the factory. Unit Height: 12” TOR level. Capacity: 5,000 lbs. maximum. Voltage: System voltage is 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz with 115 volt, single phase control voltage.


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