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Enhanced Bar Code Systems (BAR)

The Innoveyance Bar Code control system provides a wide range of control options and flexibility. The base system can be expanded for future needs and requirements.

By the use of the Allen-Bradley Processor in conjunction with the Bar Code scanner, the communication link is made directly to the processor with no need for other interface cables, expansion racks, or cards.



The Innoveyance system reads alpha-numeric characters which are added to the customer’s bar code load tag. The system is programmed to recognize bar code characters for determination of strap patterns, dispatch destinations, or any other information required for the strapping system and warehouse operation. All bar codes must be in a vertical/ ladder-style format.

All bar code systems include a fixed and hand-held scanner.

Optional Enhanced Bar Code System: The Enhanced Bar Code System will be utilized with the Innoveyance Strapper Program. This system will provide order identification to allow for automatic selection of the Strap Pattern, Compression and Dispatch Destination. It will also include a host interface port for connection to the customer system.

As the load enters the “strapping system”, it will pass by the Fixed Bar Code Scanner for identification. The first load of every order will hold in the zone and provide an “indicator” to the operator it is the first load of the order. The operator must enter the desired “Dispatch” line and “Compression” for loads of this order and review and accept the following information, which is encrypted into the Bar Code label. All bar codes must be in a vertical/ ladder-style format.

The Bar Code System also includes a “serial port” RS232 or RS422 interface (based on distance to the customer host computer) for the customer system. This interface will allow the customer to connect directly to the Bar Code Scanner and receive all information read from the Load Tag.


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