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Innoveyance’s own AIRSCREEN+ systems are among the world’s most advanced production waste handling technology. Designed to replace the older technology of the larger cyclones, our AIRSCREEN+ Air Separators are so small they can actually fit inside your facility.

These systems can easily handle capacities ranging from the smallest to the largest – from 2500 cfm to more than 100,000 cfm, while handling all types of material.


They are engineered to reliably remove airborne waste material from the conveying air without venting air pressure from the system, and our unique design provides a totally sealed unit with no moving parts to wear out or break down.

AIRSCREEN+ systems can be used for:

  • Corrugated and solid fiber
  • Steel and aluminum scrap
  • Cupper skeletons
  • Trim rings
  • Punch Outs
  • Slitter scrap
  • End scrap
  • Whole cans
  • Glass bottles


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