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Pallet Dispenser

Our Pallet Dispenser is a fully automated pallet dispensing solution for your new or existing production line. The pallet dispenser provides reliable 24/7 performance and improved throughput. Your operations will benefit by reducing the tedious process of manhandling pallet stacks and enhance employee safety within your pallet handling operations. The Innoveyance Pallet Dispensing Unit features all-welded steel frame construction, self-contained hydraulic pump and drive transmission, with a six-foot wide roller conveyor bed and a user-friendly operator touch screen for manual manipulation.



The self-contained pallet dispensing unit has an integrated roller conveyor designed to dispense single pallets from a stack, handling both wooden and plastic pallets of varying sizes and designs. The unit automatically senses and adjusts to the different pallet stack sizes with no manual manipulation needed, then centers and dispenses a pallet every 30 seconds. With a rate of 120 pallets per hour, production throughput will remain high while freeing up valuable floor space. A quick enhancement to your production line, this unit ships fully assembled and can be utilized in new or existing conveyor systems with installation and set-up typically taking less than a day.


  • Automated pallet dispensing
  • Eliminates manual handling and enhances safety
  • Handles both wooden and plastic pallets
  • Auto adjust to pallet stack sizes 27 in. through 6 ft.
  • Self-centers pallets for alignment discharge
  • Single dispenser can be used for multiple production lines
  • Easy touch screen controls when manual control is desired
  • Handles120 pallets per hour or one every 30 seconds
  • Adjustable discharge speed available
  • Capacity of up to 15 same-size pallets
  • Low level or empty detection sensing
  • Self-contained unit can be inserted into existing production line
  • Includes hydraulic pump and drive transmission
  • Ships fully assembled, wired, piped and tested
  • Guarding around all moving parts for safety
Operational Sequence
Pallet stack enters from up-stream conveyor. Sensors locate then position pallet stack. Sensors on each lifting arm locate the pallet stack edge, at the same time centering and clamping the stack. Fingers on each lifting arm protrude into pallet opening of the second to bottom pallet. The pallet stack is secure; the arms lift the stack leaving the bottom pallet to be discharged. Sensors ensure the pallet has cleared. The cycle is repeated. Automatic low level or empty detection sensing will index next pallet stack.


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