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Power Transfer Car (PTC)

The Power Transfer Car is utilized for transport of larger loads that must travel longer distances at higher speeds. The car has maximum capacity of 10,000 lbs. All units include Variable Frequency Drives to allow the speed to be set to the individual application. Controls are available for Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic cars.



The car is available in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual with a shaft encoder positioning for the automatic and semi-automatic units. All cars include manual controls located on one end of the car inside a “safety gated” area. The operator has full control from this station, including individual controls for the operation of both conveyor sections

  • Cars are available with Mesh Top Belt Conveyors or with Power Roller Conveyors.
  • Cantilevered Bed Sections provide added safety along the car aisle.
  • Laser Safety Sensors on both ends are constantly searching for any obstructions in the aisle. “Red” and “Green” Lights provide illuminated indicators on direction of travel.
  • The car is moved by a Direct Drive Demag Motor and Segmented Spline Drive shaft.
  • Control Area of the car is “Safety Gated” for added Operator Safety.


Conveyors: Reversing Power Roller Conveyor or Mesh-Top Belt Conveyors for two directions of operation. Photo eye entry and exit controls are provided for Manual and Automatic operation of each conveyor. Power conveyor speed is 45 or 60 fpm.
Construction: The car is fabricated from two (2) 6” wide reinforced structural angles with structural steel frame members.
The drive is a direct mount Brakemotor with a variable frequency controller. Drive unit includes two (2) splined couplings for ease of installation. A conical brake between the motor and reducer is provided to ensure positive braking.
Four (4) 11” “Poly-Type” Interchangeable wheel-block assemblies are in direct contact with the floor at all times. Two (2) 10” “Poly-Type” Idler assemblies are located mid-car to provide reserve support for heavier loads. Maximum Capacity is 10,000 lbs. distributed across the width and length of the conveyor(s).
Guidance is provided by an in-floor center guide track (installed by others) with a 2-1/8″ opening in which two Cam Followers guide mechanisms on the car ride.
Controls: Onboard Allen Bradley Programmable Controller is a Variable Frequency Controller which provides smooth acceleration and deceleration. Slow down, over travel limit and high resolution Shaft Encoder for accurate positioning are provided.
Safety: The car is equipped with Laser Sensors at both ends which stop the car when obstructions are detected in the car aisle. Warning light and audible signal with automatic decibel tone are also provided to signal the car is in motion. The car has one Emergency Stop Button located at the control station on the car and at the Power Cabinet for the car’s power supply.
Power: Overhead Buss-Bar with RF data communication to the floor PLC.


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