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Right Angle Transfer Head (Standard – under 30in)

Complete, ready to install

Specify head plate length and if backstop is used

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Data Table

18in Extension21in Extension24in Extension27in Extension
5ft Head AssemblyP/N 1160-00117P/N 1160-00121P/N 1160-00125P/N 1160-00129
6ft Head AssemblyP/N 1160-00118P/N 1160-00122P/N 1160-00126P/N 1160-00130
7ft Head AssemblyP/N 1160-00119P/N 1160-00123P/N 1160-00127P/N 1160-00131
8ft Head AssemblyP/N 1160-00120P/N 1160-00124P/N 1160-00128P/N 1160-00132