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  • Open System Architecture and Design is based on industry standard computer systems hardware, software, and network design concepts to provide a system design which is flexible in communication to other systems and can be maintained by plant engineering level personnel and not off-site computer system experts.  System communications are based on a distributed (peer to peer) communications residing on an industry standard (LAN) topology.
  • Industry Standard Relational Database (ODBC compliant) provided which allows for a two-way communication link to the plant scheduling system to provide a real time status of the material in the WIP Conveyor System.
  • Graphic Display Workstations with Touch Screen Interface and Radio Frequency Mobile Data Terminals provide a “controlled” access to all Inventory and Work-in process information.  This information is provided in a graphical format to allow an operator to easily locate and view the contents of a specific conveyor and/or unit of material.  Information can also be printed showing the latest production counts for the desired material.
  • System Diagnostics will provide alarm and error detection to any or all workstations to provide immediate notification of supervisor and maintenance personnel of possible failures in the system minimizing down time.
  • Redundant Monitoring and Database System provides an instantaneous “back-up” automatically in the event that the Main Data Workstation should fail or go off-line.
  • Modular System Design provides the flexibility to expand the number of Workstations, add Bar Code Collection, or communicate with other plant scheduling software systems.