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Mesh Ball (MBC) Rotator Conveyor

Innoveyance’s Rotating Conveyor (Mesh Ball Rotator Conveyor (MBC)) provides a rollerless surface that utilizes a durable Modular Ball-Belt and integrated bearing-mounted, worm gear driven rotational disc to rotate single/multiple stacks of material with and without dunnage. The Rotating Conveyor has the ability to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. With few moving parts and no pneumatics, your load rotation operations will benefit from the low maintenance of this device.



Innoveyance’s Rotating Conveyor (Mesh Ball Rotator Conveyor (MBC)) features all-welded precision laser cut and formed steel-frame construction. Our Rotating Conveyor requires no adjustment in the field. Units are fully assembled and tested before leaving C&M’s manufacturing facility.

Innoveyance’s Rotating Conveyor can be utilized in many locations for the rotation of unit loads, stacks of material for cross-corrugation, or zero trim applications in a modern box plant. The device is capable of rotating multiple stacks of material simultaneously, without disrupting stack integrity.


Less Sheet Walk Increased load stability reduces bottom sheet damage, leading to better quality of loads, for finishing machines Center Drive: Reversible Allows recirculation of load(s) Low-Maintenance Maintenance-free packed grease drive train No air requirements The low friction of the rolling balls reduces the belt friction for lower horsepower requirements Simple, low maintenance ball-belt Safety Radius corners. Belt has closed surface with fully flush edge Adjustable Height Top of the belt height is adjustable from 12 to 15-inches allowing it to be configured into existing production lines Homogeneous Product Reduced spare parts list Variable Frequency Drive Variable speeds available to meet the needs of any application Modular Design Optional on-board drives available to allow the device to be self-contained Produced and sold under license from Alliance Machine Systems International, US Patent No. 7,857,118.


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Data Table

Width 84, 96, 120 inches * 
Lengths 120 and 144 inches * 
Top of the Roller Height 12 to 15 inches 
Surface Speed 45-150 FPM ** 
Control Voltage 120V AC, 24V DC 
Gearmotor Rating 2 HP, 3 HP 
Voltage 380V, 460V, 575V 
Throughput 240 loads/hour *** 
* Custom options available on request ** Variable speeds available depending on application. *** Based on 48”x48”x48” unit load and conveyor speed of 60 FPM.
Unit Width Rotation Model 
84" 2,500 lbs. 
96" 2,500 lbs. 
120" 2,500 lbs. 


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