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Lift & Square and Roll Preparation Stations

Innoveyance’s Paper Roll Handling Equipment (Lift & Square and Roll Preparation Stations) are designed to provide an automated solution for lifting, squaring and preparing rolls before loading into your unwind stand.



The Lift & Square station lifts and squares the roll to the unwind chucks. It can be placed at the chucking area centerline or along the track length. With the pull cart track option, the Lift & Square provides a safe and reliable way to place a roll onto the cart. It improves productivity and flow, eliminating manual handling and improves employee safety. The Roll Preparation Station gives you the added option to prepare the roll before loading. The unit rotates the roll allowing the operator the remove the outer wrapping and any damaged material. The operator controls the rotation actuation.


  • Automated Roll Lifting, Squaring and Prepping
  • Eliminates having to manually push a roll up onto the load cart
  • Enhances safety
  • Handles Rolls up to 120 inches in length, 12,000 lbs.
  • Self-contained unit can be used with any Innoveyance designed track
  • Easy foot switch or push-button controls
  • Adjustable rotation speed on Roll Preparation Station
  • Ships fully assembled, wired, piped and tested
  • Guarding around all moving parts for safety


  • Footprint, 10’x5′
  • Flush Floor
  • Raise and lower speed 1-in/sec
  • Control voltage 24V DC or 120V AC
  • Voltage 190/380V,230/460V, 575V
  • Load rating up to 12,000 lbs.
  • Roll size range, 24″ – 84″ Diameter and 24″ – 120″ Wide

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