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Standard Strapping Controls (STRAP)

Load Strapping Banding Machine (Standard Strapping Controls (STRAP)) Automatic Strapper Program for a Two Stage Strapping System consisting of an OEM Primary Strapper and an OEM Secondary Strapper. Either a 24” Touchscreen console or 48″ control console with Customized Operator Face Plate, Allen-Bradley Processor, plus a software program to allow for automatic strap placement. Operator selections for strap placement shall allow five (5) straps in the primary direction and four (4) straps in the secondary direction.



The control system includes “Redundant Head Controls”. If one or more heads are turned off, the remaining head will perform all necessary functions of the head that is out of service with no loss of memory.

An “Alternating” feature is also provided which will allow primary straps (only) to be applied in both the first and second stage strappers. This feature will apply for loads receiving up to a maximum of four (4) primary straps.

Optional: 10″ Touch Screen Operator Consolette to allow the operator to select the “Strap Pattern”, “Dispatch”, “Stretchwrap”, or other operator selections. Any manual operation will be performed at the Strapper Console provided with the Base System. The Consolette will include duplicate Safety controls that are provided at the Strapper Console.

Optional: Custom Strap Pattern Controls which includes 10” Touchscreen Operator Interface Consolette for the Entry and Retrieval of custom strap patterns. System will allow the operator to enter up to four (4) Custom Primary Straps which will be positioned from the leading edge of the load.

Note: The Automatic Strapper Program is based on the use of an OEM strapper(s) (by others) with PLC controllers. If the strapper(s) does not meet this criteria, the original strapper manufacturer must be contacted for any control modifications, which will be provided by the customer.


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